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Archives Subcommittee

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Archives is a subcommittee of the Communications CommitteePer the 2011 strategic plan, the archives subcommittee will execute Strategic Direction II: Archive of CS Data. It will establish procedures to collect and preserve the historical record of the CS-SIS.


The Archives Subcommittee is chaired by a member of the CS-SIS.


Led by its chair, the subcommittee:

  • drafts an action plan to digitize and make archival material available to CS-SIS membership, using standard archival procedures:
    • inventorying, organizing, identifying conservation/preservation issues, access etc.
  • solicits members for documents created during CS-SIS activities and operations for deposit into an historical repository held by the CS-SIS
  • executes the action plan


The chair:

  • works with the chair of the Communications Committee and SIS webmaster to incorporate the CS-SIS archive into the SIS's website
  • in consultation with the subcommittee, recommends to the Executive Board whether a Standing Committee should be created to support the ongoing strategic direction of collecting and preserving CS-SIS material
  • reports briefly on the subcommittee's activities at the CS-SIS business meeting
  • submits a written report to the CS-SIS Chair detailing the committee's activities according to the deadline set by the Chair each year; sends a copy of the report to the Secretary / Treasurer

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