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2011 AALL Meeting Program Planning for AALL 2012

Page history last edited by Meg Kribble 12 years, 9 months ago

2011 planning for AALL 2012 in Boston


Theme:  Learn connect grow, but sessions will also be categorized according to competencies-based tracks

Program Planning Meeting at AALL 2011: Sunday July 25, 5:30-6:30pm in PCC Room 106B

All CS-SIS members welcome! If you can't attend but have an idea for a CS-sponsored program, please email Meg Kribble, mkribble AT law.harvard.edu.

Program Submission Deadline:  Thursday September 15, 2011, 11:59pm



AALL Programs--Blocks include 90-minute, 75-minute, 60-minute, 45-minute, and 30-minute programs. There are 66 programs total, but only 50 are "free slots" which are open for general program submissions.  Most of the rest are reserved for individual SIS top choices, but note that CS-SIS will also get one of those slots. Flexibility on time slots can be helpful for getting program accepted, so if your program might work in different blocks, be sure to mention that in the additional notes field.


AALL Workshops--normally one-half day or a full day. Workshops are self-sustaining, so fees must be charged for all expenses. AALL will offer a maximum of 4 workshops for next year's meeting.


CS-SIS Programs and Roundtables - We can also sponsor programs and roundtables but we must pay all expenses. These are usually programs that AMPC did not select.


Planning Materials:


Past program planning for reference:

2010 Program Planning

2009 Program Planning


Submitting Your Proposal:

  • Complete a draft of your proposal on the program submission web site at http://proposals.aallnet.org/

  • Send a copy of the draft to or share the proposal with Meg Kribble (mkribble AT law.harvard.edu) by August 30 for editing and suggestions by the CS board.

  • Submit your final proposal by September 15.


Questions?  Contact:

  • Meg Kribble (mkribble AT law.harvard.edu), CS-SIS Chair

  • Jason Sowards (jason.r.sowards AT vanderbilt.edu), CS-SIS Liaison to the AALL Annual Meeting Program Committee


Potential Proposals

Feel free to add/edit below. If you are interested in helping on an existing idea, please also contact the lead proposer.



Lead proposer  /idea originator

Potential co-organizers

Potential speakers

Session type / length


Submission status

What’s it All About, Techie?: Does Educational Technology Actually Help Law Students "Learn the Law"


Link to proposal:


Brian Huddleston


Debbie Ginsberg, Brian Huddleston, law firm speaker (hopefully)



Will examine evidence whether technology has demonstrable benefits on legal education. 


Book scanners

Darin Fox

Susanna Leers


Visual design principles/evaluation tips

Debbie Ginsberg

Susanna Leers, Kris Niedringhaus, Emily Barney


 similar program submitted by Deborah Schander

Teaching for librarians

Kris Niedringhaus


possible workshop


OAI, metadata, and law reviews

Tom Boone


Drupal Camp

Tom Boone


MK to inquire if AALL can do this cheaply, perhaps if Acquia sponsors lunch


Drupal or WordPress module stations



suggested by Kris Niedringhaus?


Cool stuff from MIT/Berkman

Elizabeth Farrell

Meg Kribble


Library space reconfiguration for multimedia use/sandbox room

Darin Fox

Susanna Leers

Cyndi Johnson?


Cool Tools

Kincaid Brown



Careers/barriers/leadership for CS people

Elizabeth Farrell

Kris Niedringhaus

Vicki Szymczak

June Liebert


Embedding/roving librarians (combine with tech for clinics?)

Jennifer Prilliman

Susanna Leers


Tech for clinics (combine with embedding/roving?)

Jennifer Prilliman

Susanna Leers



Meg Kribble

Roger Skalbeck


incorporate Prezi?


Programming - extension of this year’s coding potpourri?


Bassett, Boone, Eiseman, Engard, Lawless

session or possible workshop



Tim Wilson

Meg Kribble

Tim Wilson



Usability how-to

?Eiseman or Skalbeck


Jason Eiseman

Roger Skalbeck



QR Codes

Carli Spina

 Anna Russell



Geolocation in libraries

Cindy Bassett

Melanie Cofield



 30 min

 Short pres/combined with geocache walking tour. Possible Cache In/Trash Out event with SR/SIS?


Google Scholar: Legal Opinions and Journals

Clara Liao


Anurag Acharya


Meg & Debbie have seen


Staffing your Library's Social Media Presence

Carli Spina


Suggested by Sally Irvin, Kate Irwin-Smiler


Web content accessibility/w3c

Ryan Overdorf



Library Thing for historical collections

Jason Eiseman/Mike Widener



Pam Brannon


 Digital archiving

June Liebert


how it works, how they choose


 Worst Practices: Learning from Failure

Roger Skalbeck / Jason Eiseman

Roger Skalbeck ?


 Digital Signage

 Cindy Bassett

Sue Altmeyer

Sue Altmeyer


Going Mobile: Building Mobile

Karina Condra

Carli Spina





Data harvesting


One Conference One Book 

Carli Spina 



Digitizing Legal History - Mt Laurel Project at Rutgers

Susan Lyons

Susan, Wei Fang
  co-sponsored with LHRB


Connect with CALI
Sarah Glassmeyer
Sarah, John Mayer, Deb Quentel
Open Source Solutions for Journal Publishing
Michelle Pearse
Michelle, Benjamin Keele, Valerie Craigl, Tom Dodson, Jeff Dunn
Apps for Justice: Engaging and Training Students
Sarah Glassmeyer
  John Mayer, Ron Staudt
  co-sponsored with RIPS
Preserving Our Digital Heritage: A Conversation with Jason Scott
Sarah Glassmeyer
  Sarah, Jason Scott
The Best of Both Worlds: Blending Online and Face-to-Face Learning in Teaching Legal Research
James Wirrell
  James, Monica Sharum, Paul Howard
  co-sponsored with ALL
WWCCLD: Reimagining the Law School Casebook Sarah Glassmeyer   John Mayer, Jonathan Zittrain     submitted
Open Leadership: Using Social Media for Transparent Management and Leadership Jennifer Murray   Jennifer, Ron Wheeler, Coral Henning   co-sponsored with Leadership Development Committee submitted
Open Memo Digital Learning Space Project Kimberly Hall   Kimberly, Suzanne Wones, Lisa Junghahn, Meg Kribble     submitted
Impact Factors in Legal Scholarship Karen Schneiderman   Karen, Ronen Perry, Fred Shapiro, Stephanie Plotkin, Vicki Szymczak, Jeff Gabel, Clare Willis     submitted








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