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2009 AALL Meeting Program Planning

Page history last edited by Debbie Ginsberg 13 years, 7 months ago

Theme:   Summit 2010:  Mapping our Future

Program Submission Deadline:  Aug 23, 2009


AALL Programs--Program blocks include: one 90-minute slot, two 75-minute slots, five 60-minute slots, one 45-minute slot and two 30-minute slots. Each slot permits scheduling of six concurrent programs. Thus, a total of 63 programs will be selected.

AALL Workshops--normally one-half day or a full day - workshops are self sustaining so fees must be charged for all expenses

CS-SIS Programs and Roundtables - We can also sponsor programs and roundtables but we must pay all expenses.  These are most often selected from programs that AMPC did not select.


Planning Materials:


Submitting Your Proposal:

  • Complete a draft of your proposal on the program submission web site at http://proposals.aallnet.org/
  • Send a copy of the draft to Bonnie Shucha (bjshucha@wisc.edu) by Aug 16th for editing
  • Submit your final proposal by August 23rd


Questions?  Contact:

  • Bonnie Shucha, Program Committee Chair for the 2010 meeting
  • Fran Norton, CS-SIS Liaison to the AALL Annual Meeting Program Committee



Session Description Possible Title Possible Speaker(s) Type/Length Person(s) Originating Idea Person(s) Proposing Session Y or N
'Library camp'Unconference - Saturday - free of charge         Workshop?  Would this require that we charge? Jason Eiseman & Sarah Glassmeyer Jason Eiseman & Sarah Glassmeyer Y
Tech tools for professional development       Jason Eiseman, Greg Lambert, Judy Janes program-length? Jason Eiseman   N
Web 3.0      program-length? Roy Balleste   Y
E-Books for Libraries & ebook search engine     program-length? June Liebert & Scott Frey Scott Frey Y
Lessons from from the music and newspaper industries - get someone from out of business Dever paper?     program-length? Tom Boone Tom Boone ?
LibGuides and Free Alternatives     program-length? June Liebert Elizabeth Farrell Y
Mobile Apps for Libraries - iPhone, etc.   Jason Eiseman & Meg Kribble  program-length? Bonnie Shucha Jason Eiseman & Meg Kribble Y
Archiving Content - software, process and policies of putting archives online

You Own It, Now What Database ownership: Myth or Reality?

bring in archivist program-length? Karen Schneiderman, Lyonette Louis-Jacques, Susanna Leers, Kris Niedringhaus  Susanna Leers with Pat Roncevich, TS-SIS (proposal made to TS-SIS) Y
Fundraising and Grant Writing     program-length? Vicki Szymczak   N
Careers for CS members - panel?   library directors, Jim Milles on panel? program-length? June Liebert, Meg Kribble, Jason Eiseman June Liebert? ?
Copyright Issues-co sponsor with Copyright Committee--had one in 2009--note why another one would be o Creative Commons Implementation Workshop   Half-day or Full-day workshop Roger Skalbeck, Meg Kribble, Kris Niedringhaus Roger Skalbeck, Meg Kribble + others? Y
Google Book Settlement - joint with legal history SIS?     program-length? Karen Schneiderman Karen Schneiderman ?
Open source OPACs - or - Open Source Generally (Per Pat Sayer McCoy, TS-SIS & OBS-SIS already working on proposal-perhaps we could co-sponsor)   Peter Suber, Scott Frey, Vicki Szymczak, Amy Buckland program-length? June Liebert, Vicki Szymczak Vicki Szymczak Y
Consortial buying of Databases     program-length? Julieanne Hartman Stevens  Julieanne Hartman Stevens? ?
Shared E-Resource Understanding (SERU) - NISO No more negotiating: the Shared EResource Understanding  Karla Hahn (ARL) 60 minutes Susanna Leers S. Leers, T. Thompson-Przylucki (CRIV) Y
Durham Statement      program-length? Kris Niedringhaus Kris Niedringhaus? ?
Founding of Westlaw/Lexis - What Went Wrong  - co-sponsor with Legal History and Rare books?     program-length? Jason Eiseman Sarah Glassmeyer Y
60 Tools in 60 minutes  Essential Tech Tools On Stage Barbara Fullerton, Roger Skalbeck +1 45 or 60 min Bonnie Shucha Roger Skalbeck + Barbara Fullerton Y
Creating Library Web Services: Mashups and APIs " The Librarian on the Web with an API: clues for scripting and programming!" Karen Coombs (did program at LITA) program-length? Jean Willis


Jean Willis?

How to research virtual world and/or virtual world/real world legal issues for real world cases or scholarly articles to support faculty scholarship and law firm litigation. (possible RIPS-SIS also?) Real World/Virtual World Legal Research for Law Librarians Marin Dell, Benjamin Duranske?, Jim Milles? 60 or 45 minutes preferred, but 30 would work Marin Dell Marin Dell? ?
Combining a two separate face-to-face int'l legal research and Jessup Moot Court classes into a hybrid online/face-to-face course using multiple instructional technologies; how to set it up, what crashed and burned, what worked wonderfully, and what the students surveys said along the way. (FCIL-SIS co-sponsor?)  

Marin Dell

Margaret Clark

60 or 75

Marin Dell

Margaret Clark

Marin Dell? ?
Screening and discussion of the film "The Trial of Law School" - refer to ALL-SIS or RIPS-SIS     ? Porter Heath Morgan (producer of film)   N
Cool Tools Workshop - sequal to W2C - taking it to the next level?     Workshop   Len Davidson & Sally Irvin N
Gadget Showcase - co-sponsor with GenX?         Debbie Ginsberg? N
Sharepoint - Yale, Brooklyn, Univ of Kentucky use it - co-sponsor with RIPS or ALL-SIS     Workshop Ed Beltz Ed Beltz & Vicki Szymczak Y
Data Set Preservation   Donna Sheeder     Jason Eiseman Y
CORE Protocol-NISO Standard - Mary Alice Baish indicated that would be well received - also interest from ALL-SIS       Vicki Szymczak Michael Robak Y





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