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What Makes a Good Proposal

Page history last edited by Bonnie Shucha 14 years, 11 months ago

The following is a list of tips for program proposals from the 2010 AMPC Chair, Steve Anderson


What makes good proposal?

  • Title needs to be catchy and relevant (don't use the words "summit" or "mount")
  • Don't be afraid to check off advanced box for target attendees if it really is advanced
  • Make sure that proposal addresses competency leval
  • Learning outcomes (page 15 in PP handbook) - use action verbs in proposals; be very specific.  General terms such as "learn"  or "get to know" are not recommended
  • Take a look at the what's in it for me - must be very tangible and relevant
  • Speakers - 30 minutes per speaker as a general rule of thumb; submitting 3 speakers for 30 min program is a red flag - if we do have this, need to address in the program proposal
  • Try to have a blend of speaker backgrounds (new and experienced members both; inside and outside poeple)
  • Workshops - would like to have more workshop proposals - think about moving 90 min programs into workshops if appropriate
  • Try to vary program lengths in programs submitted by the SIS; AMPC may adjust times if they feel appropriate
  • Creative presentation types are encouraged - role playing, dramatic presenatations, etc.
  • Use notes fields in the program proposal to to clarify and explain - really helps with committee
  • Preferred word length for program descriptions is 100-125 words

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