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Tools and Gadgets

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What are you favorite personal and professional tools and gadgets?  Here's a place to share and learn what other people are using. Inspired by last note's AALL keynote speaker David Pogue's Gadget List, and Pam Brannon and Lyo Louis-Jacques.


Items you might include on your list: cameras, cellphones, computers, e-books, gaming consoles, movies, music players, scanners, storage devices.


(If it make sense, we could re-order this page by device type, but for now I'm just pasting in my list from the aall2009 wiki. --Meg)



Meg Kribble

Camera: Casio Exilim S-10 (I chose this one after narrowing it down to this and one other, having seen Jim Milles's at #aall2008. I got a good deal on it at the Casio Ebay store.)

Cellphone: iPhone 3G

Computer: ASUS eee PC 900 and almost 4 year old 12" PowerBook G4.

Gaming console: Wii. I'm not very good at the kind of games those other consoles excel at. :)

Movies: I recently got a Roku box that streams that content directly to my TV. I don't have cable, so it adds some nice on-demand style variety. I  just found out it now also streams Amazon rentals or purchases.

Music: 5g video iPod

Scanner:  Canoscan 4400F

Storage: Seagate external HD and various flash drives, including my favorite, a 2gb Princess Leia Mimobot.


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