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Secretary Treasurer

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This individual is elected to the Executive Board for a period of two years.


The Secretary / Treasurer:

  • takes minutes at the meeting of the CS-SIS Executive Board and at the CS-SIS business meeting.
  • is responsible for distributing Executive Board minutes to all members of the board.
  • keeps archival copies of the minutes of Executive Board and annual business meetings.
  • receives copies of the annual committee reports.  Posts to CS website and keeps archival copies.
  • monitors CS-SIS expenditures.
  • submits requests for reimbursement of funds to AALL headquarters as necessary. Retains a copy of each request for treasury records for 5 years.
  • examines the monthly budget statement from AALL Headquarters. Compares as much as possible to known deposits and expenditures to determine if the statements are correct. Contacts AALL Headquarters to investigate any discrepancies.
  • prepares an annual financial statement for distribution at the Board and business meetings.
  • prepares ballots for the annual election of CS-SIS Executive Board members and notifies the membership by email when and where ballots are available. Ballots must include the contested positions; the names, titles, and institutions of the nominees for each position; and directions for marking and submitting ballots. Biographical information on the candidates must be made available to the membership before the ballots are distributed. Nominations must be submitted by March 15, ballots made available by April 1, and elections completed by May 1.
  • tabulates election results from the returned ballots and notifies the Chair.
  • prepares ballots for proposed bylaws amendments and notifies the membership when and where ballots are available.
  • records the results of votes on bylaws amendments and notifies the membership.


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