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Mashing Up the White House -- Potential Discussion Topics

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Mashing Up the White House

Monday, July 27, 10:45-11:45 AM

Renaissance - Room 2


Potential Discussion Topics


[Note: This is a nonexhaustive list.  Roundtable participants should feel free to pose any question that they feel is pertinent.]


What is "Government 2.0" or "Web 2.0 for government"?


What has the Obama administration done -- or not done -- so far to advance Government 2.0?


How can Government 2.0 be designed to work well (e.g., easy-to-use interfaces, helpful information, user feedback) and avoid problems (e.g., limited search options, incorrect information, comment spam)?


What can the U.S. government learn from Web 2.0 initiatives of state and local governments, governments in other countries, and non-governmental entities?


Is it appropriate and useful for the White House and government agencies and employees to post on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Wikipedia, etc.?


How does one determine which Web 2.0 tools are best suited to a particular governmental entity or a particular set of government information?


What are the security risks of increased government posting of information on the Internet?


What are the propaganda risks of increased government posting of information on the Internet?


Are non-governmental organizations and individuals generally better than the government at creating websites about government information?


How should librarians get involved in creating or improving websites about government information?


Which websites do you or your library's patrons use to find government information?  How could those websites be improved?



[See also Mashing Up the White House -- Handout]


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