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Grants and Awards Committee

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The Grants and Awards Committee is charged to publicize, review applications, and advise the Board on recipients of SIS grants and awards.


The Grants and Awards Committee is chaired by a member of the CS-SIS.



Led by its chair, the committee:

  • is responsible for awarding grants to provide financial assistance to AALL/CS member librarians who hold promise of future involvement in the law library profession, especially those who are directly involved in providing technology support of any kind within law libraries
  • updates and posts grant applications to CS website
  • if necessary, identifies possible grant recipients by obtaining a list of new AALL members and their job descriptions from the CS Secretary/Treasurer


The chair:

  • in consultation with the committee, recommends grant winners; forwards names to CS Chair for approval by Executive Board
  • upon Board approval, informs CS Secretary/Treasurer
  • contacts grant winners by phone, followed by a written award letter; notifies them that they will be asked to contribute at least one post to the CS blog
  • coordinates announcement of grant winners with Communications Committee



Led by its chair, the committee

  • is responsible for awarding the Hirsh Award, which is presented to individuals who have demonstrated exemplary service to CS; the SIS encourages this committee to make this award on an annual basis, but is not obligated to do so
  • identifies worthy candidates by polling the Executive Board, reviewing contributions made to other CS committees, and asking members for nominations


The chair:

  • by early March, submits a slate of candidates to CS Chair for selection by Executive Board.
  • after the  Board selects winner in late March, informs CS Secretary/Treasurer and AALL Headquarters (for inclusion in AALL Grants & Awards brochure)
  • contacts award winner by phone, followed by a written award letter
  • works with the communications committee to coordinate announcement of award winners on CS blog, listserv, etc.
  • works with the CS-SIS Chair to order plaque to be presented to recipient at AALL Annual Meeting in July
  • serves on the AALL committee to appoint the Innovations in Technology Award


General Responsibilities

The committee:

  • works with the communications committee to make the Membership aware of grants and solicit award nominations as appropriate


The chair:

  • reports briefly on the committee's activities at the CS-SIS business meeting
  • submits a written report to the CS-SIS Chair detailing the committee's activities according to the deadline set by the Chair each year; sends a copy of the report to the Secretary / Treasurer

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