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AALL Annual Meeting Program Planning

Page history last edited by Debbie Ginsberg 13 years, 9 months ago

Theme:  No theme this year, programs will be based on tracks.

Program Submission Deadline:  Sept. 15, 2010


AALL Programs--Program blocks include 90-minute programs, 75-minute programs, 60-minute programs, 45-minute programs, and 30-minute programs. There are 66 programs total, but only 50 are "free slots" which are open for general program submissions.  Most of the rest are reserved fro individual SIS top choices - but note that CS-SIS will also get one of those slots.


AALL Workshops--normally one-half day or a full day - workshops are self sustaining so fees must be charged for all expenses.  AALL will offer a maximum of 4 workshops for next year's meeting.


CS-SIS Programs and Roundtables - We can also sponsor programs and roundtables but we must pay all expenses.  These are most often programs that AMPC did not select.


Planning Materials:


Submitting Your Proposal:

  • Complete a draft of your proposal on the program submission web site at http://proposals.aallnet.org/
  • Send a copy of the draft to or share the proposal with Debbie Ginsberg (dginsberg@kentlaw.edu) by Aug. 30 for editing
  • Submit your final proposal by Sept. 15.


Questions?  Contact:



Session Description Possible Title Possible Speaker(s) Type/Length Person(s) Originating Idea Person(s) Proposing Session Y or N
'Library camp' Unconference - Saturday - free of charge
Emerging technologies are touching all aspects of the law library. Join us for a smorgasbord of tools and gadgets that will help you create, organize and deliver information, increase productivity, and connect with users. Move from table to table as tech-savvy law librarians demonstrate a variety of hot new technologies. Cool Tools Cafe Various Table stations; 60 min Bonnie Shucha Bonnie Shucha   
A workshop on d-space or some other open source repository alternative.  Logistics aside, I think a lot of people are building repositories or thinking about it and it might be a really useful hands on full day workshop for CS type librarians.  If it doesn't work out next year for Philly, it should definitely be on our plate for the year after in Boston.  
A workshop on respositories     Workshop Sally Irvin    
Ignite session       Lyo Jaques and Jason Eisman    
Mobile apps buffet       Karen S    
E-books       Lyo & Sally    
Empirical Legal Research - Data curation and visualization       Debbie?
Digitization       Lyo    
Open Source ILS       Karen S    
Adaptive tech, access to justice, ADA compliance       ?    
Libguides and quasi CMSs       Lyo & Sally    
Sharepoint       Karen S    
Tech competencies       Elizabeth    
DYI       Elizabeth    
Planning       ?    
Drupal Camp workshop   Workshop   Tom Boone    
DYI Tech       ?    
Advanced social media, mining social media       Scott Frey Scott & Susan Boland
Open source ILS       Nicole Engard    
Battledecks session where the participants are required to use battledecks created with Creative Commons slides       Roger Skalbeck    
HTML5 Workshop       Jason Eiseman    

Using Wikipedia to highlight collections - cosponsored/presented with legal history sis


Workshop on coding programming for non coders/programmers- may be combined with HTML5 workshop

      Cindy Wyatt Bassett (& others)    
Title:Mobile Applications: Filtering Thru the Junk (Solution Apps to Utilize in Your Work Environment)
      Barbara Fulton and Roger Skalbeck
Barbara Fulton and Roger Skalbeck
Affective Computing Software: What is it, does it know what you are looking for before you do, and what legal and privacy concerns does it create?
      Kris Helge
Kris Helge


2009 Program Planning



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